Dinesh Jain, BE, MBA - Founder CEO

Dinesh Jain

Dinesh Jain

A prolific entrepreneur and a business leader since 1984 with global operating experience in Life Sciences & Information Technology industries. Before starting Aagami, Dinesh has held positions of CEO, President, Vice President in several companies in US, Japan and India. Dinesh has lived and worked in 8 countries across 4 continents. 

Dinesh speaks at global conferences and was panelist at MRUN Conference in Oct 2012, Key speaker at IL Science Tech Park conference in "Doing Life Science Business in India" in Jan 2012, CALAsia2009 conference in San Diego CA in June 2009, at Burrill's Life Sciences Conference 2007 Chaired a Table on Opportunities and Challenges in Partnering with Indian Companies.

Mahendra Shah, PhD - Company Advisor

Mahendra Shah

A veteran Scientific leader in Bio-Pharmaceutical field since 1968. After his PhD, he has worked with some of the top notch companies like Bristol, Squibb, Schering, Lyphomed, Fujisawa. Later from 1991 for 12 years Mahendra had been an active Investor in BioPharmaceutical field and is on the Board of several companies across the country.

He was the CEO of First Horizon Pharmaceuticals, where in raised over $200 Million from the markets; was also founder, Chairman and CEO of Next Wave Pharmaceuticals. Currently he is Venture Partner at Vivo Ventures.

Michael S Rosen - Partner Consultant

Michael Rosen

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Global senior executive and entrepreneur working since 1974, experienced in starting, growing, managing and financing for profit/not-for-profit life science and healthcare organizations, and creating life science ecosystems.

At Aagami, Michael focuses on Delivery Technologies, Medical Devices, Formulation Differentiators, M&As and Distribution/market access to the regions/countries of Midwest US, Latin America, Germany, Canada and Israel. Michael is an American who has has lived in 5 Latin American countries, 3 European countries, and Japan. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Linda Pullan, PhD - Partner Consultant

Linda Pullan/span>

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Based in Southern California, Linda has a Ph.D., and over 25 years of pharmaceutical and biotech experience in research and licensing, business development, R&D and consulting. She has worked for AstraZeneca, Amgen, Kosan Biosciences and now consulting for a decade, helping companies with all aspects of partnering. Linda has an In-depth understanding and proven success in drug development, evaluation, valuation and negotiation for strategic alliances and licensing deals. She has worked each year on multiple term sheets and about 5 signed deals and has a great deal sheet with more than 50 large, mid and small size deals.

Linda has authored 66 scientific literature publications and produces a monthly newsletter (Pullan’s Pieces) on science and business for thousands of readers. She has also been honored as an Advisor, Reviewer, Lecturer and Speaker.

Elizabeth Song, PhD - Partner Consultant

Elizabeth Song/span>

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Elizabeth Song, Ph.D., is a Global Senior Executive, with over 25 years of progressive experiences in business and corporate development in established, emerging and start-up biotechnology companies. She has 15 years of experience in operational and logistical management for clinical trials in the US, Europe and Asia including Korea.

She has a broad scientific, technical and operational background ranging from research, preclinical, clinical development, in-and-out licensing and alliance management. Her Ph.D is in immunology and genetics from Berkeley. She has also been a Damon-Runyon Fellow at The Scripps Research Institute.

With this distinctive blend of career experiences coupled with outstanding English/Korean communication and business skills, Elizabeth has the unique ability to foster partnerships international biotech or pharmaceutical companies with special expertise in working with South Korea.

Dr. Song’s presence is immensely valuable to Aagami in enhancing its business portfolio with her experience and contacts in industry across the world, especially in South Korea.

Godwyn Francis - Vice President


Michael Rosen

At Aagami, Godwyn leads business development and growth efforts for profitable new and existing business. He also leads and oversees research and consulting assignments for global clients.He has worked each year on multiple term sheets and contributed to signing deals worth tens of millions of dollars.

Godwyn brings 14+ years of experience with companies like Accenture, Prudential, Tata, and other firms in management consulting. His experience is spread across licensing, partnering, research, consulting, project delivery, business management, transaction processing and business process simplification.

His work includes regular engagement with top management of life sciences companies globally, including India.He has had a rich work exposure to different geographic locations such as India and UAE in a structured and automated process environment.

Nancy Chew - Regulatory Advisor

Nancy Chew

Nancy Chew

A serial entrepreneur, veteran business leader, biochemist and Pharmacologist by education, Regulatory expert, Several top honors & award winner and Advisor to numerous Life Sciences companies.

Nancy's accomplishments and achievements of over 39 years would take several pages to detail.

Shridhar Andurkar, PhD - Scientific Advisor

Shridhar Andurkar

Shridhar Andurkar

Chair of Pharmaceutical sciences and Associate Professor at Midwestern University, Chicago College of Pharmacy, is a Ph D from Auburn University in Medicinal Chemistry, Conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Houston.

Dr. Andurkar has published numerous papers and made several presentations in this field. He holds a US patent in the area of anticonvulsant drugs and 3 more patents are pending.

Dr. Aman Ahuja – Medical

M.D., F.P.M., F.R.C.A.

Aman Ahuja

Dr. Aman Ahuja

A specialist pain medicine physician and consultant at the North Queensland, Australia. MD Anaesthesia from India, Fellow of Royal College of Anaesthetists, Ireland, Masters in Pain Medicine from UK, Fellow of Tess Cramond Multidisciplinary Pain Centre, Australia. Dr. Ahuja has focus on clinical practice, research and advancing rational therapies for a diverse range of conditions.

His current interests include studying the expanding role of radiofrequency in field of Pain Medicine. Dr. Ahuja uses a compassionate and multidisciplinary approach in his well known practice as a Pain Specialist and Anaesthetist.